About Me

My name is Alison Zywicki and I am a photojournalism major at Central Michigan University. For my introduction to journalism class we were assigned to make a blog about something we are passionate about. There was nothing I have been more passionate about than photography and that comes with learning how to take photographs and new skills on Photoshop or on my camera, researching famous photographers, seeing how photos impact the news, and investigating how we have changed due to the invention of a snapshot. It is all fascinating to me and shows that photography is not just an art form. I have done fine art photography in a classroom setting for 3 years and that may not seem like much, but it gives me a deeper incite to the media then most people. I know that there is no real truth in a photograph, not the full truth anyways, but there is a snapshot of it and I am going to spend time on this blog learning about the impact those snapshots have had on us.

Photo credit: Focal Point Photography Studio
Photo credit: Focal Point Photography Studio


please also check out my website at  www.amzywicki.wix.com/photosbyzywicki


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