Women of CMU 10. Payton Salomon

Central Michigan sophomore, Payton Salomon, poses for a portrait in the lobby of Larzelere hall on the campus of Central Michigan University, Saturday, March 25, 2017. “For me, when I first came to Central I thought feminism was something completely different than what is actually is. So, when I came to Central, I thought it was just females overcoming men, which I don’t feel like that defines feminism anymore. I feel that feminism is standing up for equality between men and woman and allowing us to be at the same point. Not as much equality, but equity too. They (men) get this privilege that we will never have and I think that by just giving us the same opportunities, we can do what we were meant to do and reach our own heights. Feminism for me is starting at the same point and allowing us to take is further…I want to have the same opportunities as everyone else,” Payton explains.


Say hello to our 10th #WomenofCMU!

Payton Salomon is a sophomore here at Central Michigan University studying in the Bio Medical field. She is in the honors college and a research assistant studying C. Elegant worms and their genetics involving stem cell research. When she is not in classes or doing research, she volunteers with the Flint Task Force Water Crisis on campus, participates as the Treasure for Larzelere Hall Council, and is soon to be a apart of Residential Life this fall as a member of Saxe Hall staff.

“I am going to be a doctor, no one is going to tell me I am not going to be,” states Payton

Payton is showing the world that gender does not matter when it comes to being a leader in this field. She is a woman in the STEM field and as a sophomore, she is already doing research. Research is extremely hard work; it takes up a lot of time and requires immense amount of dedication. She is  making an impact on campus by showing empowerment through women in science fields. Even in today’s society, there are still stereotypes places on women in these careers, but Payton has never let that stop her from following her dreams.

“I think it is very empowering, because I feel like a lot of people assume that it is going to be males (in the medical field). It also feels really cool when someone asks you, ‘oh are you going into the medical field,’ and they ask me if I am going to be a nurse or a PA, and I’m like nope, I’m going to be a doctor. Then they ask, ‘oh do you want to be an OBGYN?’ and Im like nope, I wanna be a trauma surgeon. People are kind of surprised, but they are always very like ‘ wow that is so cool of you, we need more women in this field.’ …I am going to be  woman taking on this role and it is going to be very satisfactory once I get there,” Payton explains.

In high school, Payton was a part of a competitive business group called “Business Professionals of America.” She came 2nd in the nation and 1st in the state for advanced spreadsheet application. This is amazing, because this part of the competition is very male dominant, so for Payton to show that she is a woman, she is smart, and kicking ass, she demonstrates that women can do anything and everything. Without her knowing it, these actions and the way she presents herself is positively impacting women. Payton is a prime example of what it means to be a powerful woman in a male dominated field. I am so honored to work with Payton on Saxe staff next year and in awe of all of her impressive accomplishments.

In addition, this campaign focuses on the empowerment of women. We all have our own views on how today’s society is when it comes to women and how we should be treated and loved. March is women’s history month, but lets not forget about the women of today, like Payton.

“So like obviously we do focus on women of the past because if you don’t know your history, it will repeat itself…But I think the women of today, a lot has changed in the past 100 years, from voting rights, women in the work force and stuff like that. We are obliviously still at a disadvantage and have stereotypes, but we have to see that we are so much different then where women were. Yet, we can’t just settle with where we are because of how far we’ve come. Women should not be paid any less then a man for a similar position or job, like I am literally so dumbfounded by that, it makes no sense to me…I think that with the political jazz that has been happening, I think it almost a step backwards. He is not saying things that are empowering women. He is not helping us rise to this challenge we are already given…Its 2017, we shouldn’t be treating a woman like an object anymore, and people still do. We are not trying to take two steps back, but at the same time put it in a positive light. Seeing someone with so much power say stuff like that, I think has caused quiet a bit of an uproar and a lot of people were really upset. It kind o lit a fire, if people were settling with how much progress we have had, you see something like that you are like ‘oh wait no, this isn’t cool, this isn’t going to happen’. It fires people up and people got more involved and more inspired,” explains Payton.

Thank you Payton for not letting anything stop you and pushing through any obstacle you face. You truly are an inspirational person and please continue to show people how amazing you are. You will be the best doctor and rightfully so.



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