Women of CMU 2. Ahsha Davis

Today is day two of Women of CMU! I would like to introduce you all to Detroit, junior Ahsha Davis.

Detroit, junior Ahsha Davis poses for a portrait in the Saxe/Herrig/Celani lobby on the campus of Central Michigan University, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. “I think that feminists and empowered women are women who understand the purpose of them being on this planet or the purpose of themselves in life. They know they have rights. They know they are important to this society. That they stand up for themselves. I think they are leaders all over the world. People who make sure others feel welcome and feel nurtured because that is what women do, they empower us….It is about standing up for yourself and letting the world know you are here, making your mark,” Ahsha informs. 

Ahsha involved in many aspects of Central Michigan’s campus. She is a Multicultural Advisor (MA) for Herrig Hall, she is actively involved in residential life activities (mock rocks), she is a member of the Justice League, a Hip Hop RSO on campus, she is a large student activist, a desk associate, and she writes and performs poetry with Word Hammer at CMU.

“When I first got here I decided to join organizations, so I joined Hall Council, tried to learn what is going on in resident halls. Then I applied to be a desk worker just to have a smiling face as soon as people walked in from their day of a bunch of exams or a stressful time. I want to be that face that they see and says ‘Hello how are you’ and they are like really happy…I definitely made my mark (as an MA) by teaching and educating people about diversity and helping them learn who they are, finding themselves in college…” Ahsha states.

Ahsha has also been involved in many rallies, protests, and activist events on campus for all sorts of issues including Black Lives Matter, the Travel Ban, women’s issues, and other problems facing our campus student community. She always uses her voice to empower people to be active members of their community and continues to support causes that directly and indirectly affect her.

“Being out there, screaming and chanting, being around a bunch of people who feel the same way as you do about a certain topic. It motivates me to do better as a woman. My favorite protest of all times was the Black Lives Matter protest that the Justice League put on and it was in the heat of the moment because events were happening and we decided we were going to say something. That motivated me as a person, Ahsha you need to stand up for yourself, you know shout about what you believe in, and you need to make sure that you take control of your life and you put out there what you think people should know about you as a person…they (protests) make me make sure that I take time to appreciate what I do have and think about what others do not have. So being an advocate for everyone is important. ” Ahsha explains.

I could not have put this into better words. Ahsha shows my defined pillars of feminism: dignity, self-responsibility, empowerment, acting in kindness and using one’s voice for good. Not only through her protests but as an MA and with her poetry, Ahsha introduces friends, peers, strangers, etc. into her mind and what she values as important aspects of life. Ahsha stands up to injustice and she educated about privilege and identity. She impacts her residents, her friends, her peers and those who have the opportunity to sit down and discuss with her about worldly topics. Feminism is not an angry act, there are ways to show empowerment and feminism like Ahsha does, with grace and subtlety. It is important to recognize people in your life who are making a difference in others and putting their stamp on the world.

“I think it starts with understanding that you are a human and that your life is valuable. I think with everything that is going on women are portrayed as not valuable, not of importance, just people who need to stay at home and cook…but that is not what we need to do. There are so many women out there who have invented things, have been the Presidents of Universities, have run different organizations and I feel that it is important that we stay empowered because we don’t need to give up, we need to continue to move forward…The one thing I always told myself is I will never be another statistic,” Ahsha states.

Thank you Ahsha for impacting those around you on this campus and for being an empowered woman. You stand by the values of CMU: wisdom, virtue, and friendship. Continue to embody these every day and continue to leave your stamp on this world.

Ahsha Davis laughs during a photoshoot on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

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