Women of CMU 1. Hadley Platek

Hello readers, I have an internship will Hillel @ CMU as the Jewish Women’s Foundation INSPIRE Intern. With this position we get this amazing opportunity to hold our own mini social media campaign on any women related topic of our choosing. As a proud feminist and empowered jewish woman who strives to make a difference in her community, I wanted to do my own version of People of New York. This is Women of CMU, for 10 days I will post a mini article and a photograph (taken by yours truly) about a woman on Central Michigan University’s campus who is making some sort of impact or her stamp on this world. I want to showcase women who are our friends, peers, neighbors, and co-workers that embody women empowerment and a passion for achieving good in life. So now that I have given you the background knowledge of this post and the nine more to come, I would like to introduce you to my first empowered woman of CMU.

1. Hadley Platek

Senior, Hadley Platek poses for a portrait after a Hillel @ CMU E-Board meeting in the Down Under Food Court on the campus of Central Michigan University, Tuesday, March 14, 2017. ” To me being an empowered woman means being happy with yourself as well as embracing independence even if you like to be around people, but being comfortable with yourself too. I believe that feminism is really important to furthering strong women.”


Hadley is a senior at Central Michigan University who is actively involved in her collegiate communities. Hadley is the 2016-2017 Engagement Intern and President of Hillel @ CMU and an active member of Delta Phi Epsilon. Hadley has become the face for Hillel @ CMU after an incident where an Antisemtic valentine was handed out on campus a month ago. Hadley reached out to CMU’s campus to help organize a forum on free speech, religion and other diversity matters for this April to help build more awareness and inclusivity to our campus.

“To be Jewish on CMU’s campus is definitely an interesting experience, however I think it has been a really good one. Even though not many people know about Hillel as well as about Judaism, it is a really neat opportunity to educate. I feel like our community wants to learn more,” said Hadley.

Building a Jewish community is about building connections and growing together in our identity. Hadley strives to make this a prominent role of Hillel @ CMU and for it’s members to just bond together. Hadley embodies, whether she knows it or not, meets with what I identify as (after lots of research) some of pillars of feminism: dignity, self-responsbilty, empowerment, acting in kindness, and using one’s voice. Hadley carries herself in a manner that people look up to and her has such a passion for what she does with Hillel and in her everyday life. She has made an impact on those in our community and will continue to do so in the future.

“I think it is important to recognize powerful and impactful women because they are the ones who pave the way for the rest of us to have that opportunity to be impactful. I don’t fully know what my stamp is on the world yet, however I’d like to think it has to do with being involved with things I am passionate about. The best way for me to put my stamp on the world right now is, I guess, giving my all to the things I am passionate about and putting everything I can into it to help these communities I am part of, including being a woman and being Jewish at CMU,” Hadley explains.

Thank you Hadley for being role model and for embracing your identity. You are a true woman of CMU.



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