Finding Their Story With Coffee – Feature of Narrativality Roasters/Coffee Room

Finding Their Story With Coffee from Alison Zywicki on Vimeo.


The Coffee Room and Narrativality Coffee Roasters has been around for about a year and a half, starting in August of 2015. Since then they have opened their doors to the community and encouraged clients to find their story. Their slogan is “Coffee has a story. Find your story,” based on the fact that coffee has as a story about how it is processed and it is important to share that history.

Christie Cromar is the co-owner with her husband Aaron. Together with their love of coffee brought the “third-wave coffee roasters movement”, people who value the story and authenticity of coffee, to Mount Pleasant.

Their website states that “coffee has a story with a beginning, middle, and end. We reclaim that story by honoring our connection with the farmers that grow our coffee, and by caring deeply about every aspect of the story from seed to cup.”

“Coffee are these beans that just somehow just work their way into everybody’s lives,” barista Alyssa Morley explains.

There is so much more to a coffee shop then the coffee, there is the people and the story behind it. The video about talks about the basis of the Coffee Room’s ideology and what their take on coffee’s story is, highlighting this business and the owners that are the heart of it.


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