Photo Illustrations

For my last project in my JRN 420 class we had to make photo illustrations. I have been waiting all year for this project and if I started it earlier, like weeks earlier I know my final results would have been much better but I love this assignment and I think I did a pretty good job. I had to different concepts. Below are my sketches of those concepts.


I knew exactly what I wanted to illustrate and how I wanted to do so. I did everything in photoshop by layering different elements together to create a cohesive image.

Below are my two photo illustrations:

Kissing Tinder Frogs: In today’s society we are constantly hearing about different “dating” and hookup sites, like Tinder, to find a relationship on. People have become to dependent on these apps to help them find someone special that they are basically imaginary because who knows what these people truly are. We are basically just kissing frogs desperate to find a prince.


This is my lighting set up for my first image
This is my lighting set up for my first image
Life in the Bottle: College kids are stereotyped to be constant partiers, but the percentage of college alcoholics is actually really high. 80% of students consume alcohol and 50% of that become binge drinkers. It is basically like they are living in the cups they drink out of.
This is the lighting set up for my second image
This is the lighting set up for my second image

I know my concepts are very simple, but I think that is what makes them. If there is one thing that I have learned from this class is that when it comes to still life, photo illustrations and even painting with light simple is better, especially when you have a clear and concise concept. I think I did very well on this assignment and can’t wait to experiment more with photo illustrations in the future.


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