Still Life

I was really nervous to do my still life photos because I did not do my best on the painting with light. I wanted my concept to be understood right away and be displayed in a simple manner. I did a LOT of research on still life photography and fell in love with how wet paint being frozen looked. I went out and spent $15 on nail polish for this concept to really get up close with this beautiful image of the polish dripping.

I am personally really proud of how my images turned out. I think I did very well at not having too much in the frame and really working the simple aspects. That is what you need to do when you are shooting still life, you need to go for simple. The more you put in the shot the more chaotic it seems. Less is cleaner and just a stronger image.

Nail polish dripping in the Wightman studio on Monday, November 21, 2016. This image was captured of holding the nail polish upside down and getting close to the subject. I cropped the image in lightroom so that it filled the frame. There was a softbox above the bottle, a hard light to the back-left, and a hard light lighting the wall behind the bottle.

These are my thumbnails for my concept:

20161121_141333 20161121_141340



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