Picture Package Assignment #2



Copy Block:

On Thursday, October 13th fraternity men walked around the campus of Central Michigan University shirtless, collecting money for Zeta Tau Alpha’s philanthropy week and breast cancer research.

Zeta Tau Alpha, Gamma Omicron chapter, annually holds a philanthropy week in October called Think Pink Week. This is to help raise money for breast cancer research.

The week consists of fraternity chapters competing against each other to raise the most money and most points for a prize.

During the one day of the week, the men go shirtless and have sisters from Zeta Tau Alpha paint their body with a pink ribbon for breast cancer and their fraternity letters. They then walk around campus, in the cold, asking people for donations.

“It was one of the best weeks of my life. My grandmother, one of my biggest role models, had her last chemo treatment for breast cancer that Tuesday. This gave me more motivation to be heavily involved with ZTA’s philanthropy week,” states Freshman, Mark Mostek Jr. of Beta Theta Pi.

The rest of the week consisted of decorating the houses in pink, sundaes for survivors, best man on campus and a football game.

What I learned:

I learned that you need to know what you want to show in the story before you start shooting. My biggest issue with this assignment was figuring out what photos told the story the best. I originally had two different sets of photos I could have used for this picture package. I struggled first figuring out what photo set was the best to use and then deciding the best photos for the story.

Once I figured out what story I was going to use I did a rough layout of the package and then ran into struggles trying to get the photos to work with the captions, leaving enough space for the copy block. With the help from my professor I was able to design it to make it work,  but i am not 100% pleased with this assignment. I feel like I could have done better, so my advice to any aspiring journalists is to be aware of your photos and design the story mentally before you do anything.

Photos and Captions:

A sister from Zeta Tau Alpha paints a fraternity man’s chest with the Breast Cancer ribbon for their Think Pink Week event on October 13, 2016.
Brothers of Beta Theta Pi work with sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha to raise money outside Bovee University Center at Central Michigan University, on October 13, 2016.
Men from Sigma Chi stand together before going out to collect donations for Breast Cancer, on October 13, 2016
A bucket filled with donation money for Brest Cancer Research for ZTA Think Pink Week, on October 13, 2016.

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