There is a lot of Soccer in this Girl


Sophomore Alexis Pelafas huddles with teammates before chanting “FIRE UP CHIPS” after their 2-1 victory over Bowling Green State University on Sunday, October 9, 2016. “I am grateful. I don’t take a game for granted because you never know when it could be taken away from you,” states Pelafas.
Alexis Pelafas high fives goal-keeper, senior, Kristen Knutson as she runs on the field at the start of the game on Sunday, October 9, 2016. As each member runs onto the field at the start of the game they high five each other during the starting lineup.
Mary Carlson (left) and Alexis Pilafs (right) laugh together during the team gathering before overtime begins during their game on Sunday, October 9, 2016.”My team is my family too. We are more than just people who go on the field and play together. They make the experience worth it. We are best friends,” explains Pelafas.
Alexis Pelafas dribbles the ball during the game against Bowling Green State University on Sunday, 9, 2016. Alexis has two very distinctive shoes, one pair (bright electric blue) for practice and another (red and blue striped) for games, she is the only one on her team with these shoes.
Alex Pelafas takes a snapchat selfie in her dorm room in Celani Hall on the campus of Central Michigan University on Tuesday, October 11, 2016.
Alexis Pelafas gets a hug from her father, Tom Pelafas after their win against Bowling Green University on Sunday, October 9, 2016. Alexis scored the first goal of the game and assisted on the game-winning goal during overtime. “It is nice to have a family that loves me, even off the field, they are always there for me,” Pelafas stated.
Alexis Pelafas sits in the team room during halftime on Sunday, October 9, 2016. Alexis writes in sharpie on her arm “Philippians 4:13,” her favorite Bible verse, before every game as a good luck charm, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”  is the verse.
Alexis Pelafas rushes the field after assisting on the game-winning goal with 2 minutes left in overtime during their game against Bowling Green State University on Sunday, October 9, 2016. “I mean (winning/scoring) is an exciting feeling that is from me. I look right into my teammate’s eyes and you can feel the excitement together,” states Pelafas.

Meet Alexis Pelafas, a sophomore from Wheaton, Illinois on the Central Michigan University soccer team  for two years. Pilafs recently set a CMU women’s soccer record of 15 goals in a season after a game on October 16th against Ohio.

“Soccer has taught me to keep pushing even when it gets hard and to never give up. You can always be better and to never be satisfied with where you are. It has taught me work ethic and how you aren’t going to get anything by what is required, you have to have more then what you are given. It has taught me to never take anything for granted,” explains Pelafas.

Pelafas have been involved in soccer for about 15 years total. In her years in high school soccer, Pelafas was a team caption and earned an all-state first team honors in 2014 and an all-conference and all-sectional honorable mention recognition in 2013. She then took this stellar ethic in the game to her time in CMU and was named to the MAC All-Freshman team. During a game, against Bowling Green State University Pelafas scored the first goal and assisted on the game-winning goal with two minutes left in overtime.

“My family has always supported from day one. My mom has taken so much of her time to drive to practices that were two hours away at a young age. They (her parents) have always gone to all of my games and have encouraged me to keep going through the battles,” Pelafas exclaims.

In Pelafas’ room, there is a notecard that states:

“Winning a championship is a result. Becoming a champion is a process. You can’t focus on the results, but on the things, it takes to get the results. #Trust the Process #Fire Up Chips” – Head Coach Peter McGahey

When asked about this, Pelafas said her coach gave one to each of them at the start of the season and it means a lot to her. “Peter he wants to us the best person we can be on and off the field. He pushes us to be the players we can be with our character and identities. He is a good guy, he loves and cares about all of us and would do anything for anyone of us..he is a very inspirational person,” Pelafas states.

Before every game,Pelafas and another team make right “Philippians 4:13″ on her left forearm as a sign of good luck. This is her favorite bible verse and someone she has even joked about just getting tattooed there.

“My faith has always been an important role in my life. Every time I play He gives me all my strength. Anytime I get frustrated or things aren’t going my way, I take a look down and take a deep breath and now I can really do everything,” Pelafas comments.

There is so much more to Pelafas then soccer, she is planning on studying sports management and minoring in marketing.

“Soccer means more than words. For me it is like everything, it is my passion, the thing I love to do in my free time. It is a part of who I am, it is just a part of me and my identity,” states Pelafas.

Head Coach Peter McGahey stated to the team during their half time break during a game, on Sunday, October 9th, that “there is a lot of soccer in this room, we just have to let her out.” With Pelafas there is a lot of soccer in this girl, and she constantly lets it out to shine.


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