Fashion In-Class

Last night we photographed FASHION!! I have always wanted to fashion photography since I started watching Americas Next Top Model. Low key that is why my camera is named Nigel the Nikon after the fantasically talented Nigel Barker. This day in class was my first chance to really do fashion photography and I couldnt be more geeked. I wish the assigment for this project was longer than two weeks, because I wanna keep going lol.

I actually had some stuggles in-studio during class time. I didn’t like the lighting set-up and didnt want to take too much time redoing the whole look, so I worked around it. First, my photos were way over-exposed and then they didnt have enought defintion. I still kind of think my in-studio photos could have been better and are a tad flat, but this was a learning experience one what vision I want for fashion photography.

My location lighting shoot was BEATUIFUL. I honestly think this is one of my best photos to date (Im probably going to say that continuously throughout the year lol). I knew I wanted to do a railraod shoot, so when we were moving locations that is waht I requested. I also got to shoot first and it was wonderful. My professor was right there with me and I actaully had a vision for this, so the model killed it. I got this shot in like 5 takes and I couldn’t be more proud.

Below are my images from the night with captions about each of the models. The girls this night were AMAZING and you need to check out the JRN 420 wordpress blog to look at my classmates photos as well.


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