Location Lighting In-Class

I have NEVER done location lighting before and I wanted to get a hang of things before I started shooting for this next assignment. This was such an amazing learning opportunity and it was great because my partner for the practice session is more experienced then I am with studio lighting techniques, so I felt comfortable learning from him. That would be my first advice to any future students, don’t just pair up with a friend, pair up with someone whose criticism you trust and who knows what they are doing. It is easier to learn from someone then to both be confused trying to learn together. Plus having a second set of eyes when shooting can help you find things you missed or don’t notice that will improve your photo (second set of advice).

This was an amazing hands on experience, yes we all had hands on experience before we shot in the studio but it was like 5 minutes per person and we did not learn how to set up everything one on one. With this practice it was like an 1 hour and a half devoted to us exploring and learning. I met some really nice and interesting people during this time. That is my third advice, DO NOT SHOOT YOUR PARTNER, instead find someone walking around and explain what you are doing, ask a stranger to pose for you. My partner and I were actually really nervous finding the first subject and we did not know who to ask or where to look in the area we went, but someone walked by and I built up the courage, walked over and was like “HEY YOU WANNA BE A MODEL FOR OUR PHOTO CLASS REAL QUICK” (or something along those lines). You CAN NOT BE AFRAID to talk to people you don’t know. Get outside your comfort zone. By asking strangers and finding interesting people we were able to create art not just a simple practice shoot.

I think this in-class activity taught me so much more then I could ask for and I could not be more grateful. Below I have added in my photos from the night. I put two shoots in from my two different shoots, one that shows my mistakes and what I learned and the other showing the amazing final result. (First it is the photograph that displays my mistakes and the next is the best one of the group and explains how the mistakes were fixed.) ENJOY.


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