Experimenting With Bounce Flash

Bounce flash was probably the most game changing thing I have learned so far in my college career. I have heard of bounce flash and seen photos with it in use, but have never hands-on experience the wonderfulness until recently. I feel like with my classes this year, I am going to gain so many new skills and learn so much about myself as a photography, especially with my JRN 422 class.

On Wednesday, 09-14-2016, we played with bounce flash and I learned so much. How to angle the flash to hit for soft light to hard light, how t work with your camera being vertical or horizontal, and even how to expose your camera correctly for the strobe. Everyday my classes get more and more interesting and more involved, with this exercise I gained the ability to be confident with night or low light shooting because of being able to use a strobe for a bounce flash.

Gaining confidence in your ability to take photos is one of the best things you can get through practice and learning new techniques/skills as a photographer. I think this year holds a lot of progress and growth for me as person and a photographer. I cant wait to see what else I will be slowly be able to do. Bounce flash is the first step, next who knows.

Below are some of my personal favorites from last nights class experience inside and outside Moore Hall.


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