In-Class Portraits

I have used the studio previously, once, for our assignment, but yesterday in JRN 320 was the first time I kind of learned hands-on what I should do and how to do it. This was a great experience, I saw so much growth in such little time for all my peers and in less in 10 minutes I learned things I never would have thought to do.

I normally just shoot and shoot, not moving much while the subject does his or her thing. I kinda struggled getting photos perfectly framed when shooting close. I am either too high, too low, etc, but thankful I have Kent Miller as a professor and he stood there one-on-one with us, coaching us through the process. He taught me this simple trick, that once you hear the beep of the camera, move it down just a tad (if you tend to shoot too high, like me).

This helped tremendously and was something so simple, I was surprised I never thought of it myself. That is what makes this class so great, that is what makes photography so great, you are never going to be perfect, but with guidance, support from peers and so much practice you are going to discover new things and unearth your true potential.

I may have took some portraits already for our first assignment, but I know I am going to go back in the studio at least 2 more times and redo something, play with lighting and work on techniques I never thought to use.

For my in-class portraits, I actually got to photograph a friend of mine since freshman year which was really fun. Below are some of my best shots of Mr. Robert Dachseiner.


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