Artists and Scientists Work Together on an Expedition down the Chippewa River

Barstow Artist in Residency, Andrew Ranville wanted to combine art and science in an expedition down the Chip River, something that has not been done before at Central Michigan. Working with the David Schubert and Sasha Bozimowski, the Lab Managers and Wetland Ecologists, and their team here at CMU’s Great Lake Research Lab.

On Sunday, November 8th the group headed down the Chip River with students from both the Art and Science departments here at CMU joining them. This was a chance to gather samples from the water and learn about the increased role that artists are now playing in connection to ecological issues.



The scientist here at the Central Michigan University gained a lot of knowledge from this expedition. “This project was driven by the interests of Andrew and the agreement to the project by my advisor, Dr. Don Uzarski.If given the opportunity, I would love to go out again and monitor this stretch of the river in future years,” states Schubert. (Ranville was unable to make comments due to scheduling conflicts



1449724576There is a lot the Central Michigan University offers its students and one of them is the Research Lab on Denison Drive and the work that the Wetland Ecologists are doing there. The research lab opened its doors to art and science students to see what was being done with this research.


Students from the ART 342, Experimental Photography class taught by Professor, Kris Stanford, went to the lab to learn about what happened during the expedition and were able to learn how to take photos of the samples and specimen using a microscope and an I-phone.

Thanks to the Andrew Ranville and the Wetlands Research Lab, more knowledge is being gained about the status of the Chippewa River and art is starting to see how it can combine with science for other future projects.


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