Corrections from my last post.

In my last post I wrote something really confusing and I want to clear some things up. This blog is for my JRN 340 class and was previously used for my JRN 102 class my freshman year. I will be posting things for class assignments and I guess I was confused by the instructions for an assignment, and did not realize that I was not picking a topic for this blog like I have done in the past, but instead using it to showcase my work in class like my audio stories or possible photo stories.

I want to be a photojournalist and I want to get my voice out there, but this is for me to practice doing that. This is for me to grow with new techniques and better my skills for this profession.

I hope you enjoy the work I will be posting on here, maybe it will have to do with photography like what I talked about previously, or maybe it will be something different. Not knowing is what makes this fun.


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